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Even the best mountain bikers need a little help getting forks and shocks dialed to their riding style. I recently purchased a Niner RKT with a RockShox Reba fork and Monarch shock. Try as I could not get it tuned to my liking in the 2 weeks prior to Pierre’s Hole.  The fork was still too stiff even after adding one Token and the shock rebound and pressure didn’t exactly add up to a pleasurable 100 mile experience.  I had been wanting to try out Quarq’s new digital suspension tuning technology, the ShockWiz, after reading numerous online reviews of it:  MBR 🇬🇧, Bike Radar,  Enduro MTB mag, etc. 

 I’d seen a few non local shops that offered rental of these units.  But unfortunately the rental would add up nearly half the price of one.  Luckily, I discovered, Rock on Wheels in Cheyenne was currently in possession of a few of these with the intent to rent.  George, the owner, was keen to hear what I thought of it, and offered me an opportunity that I could not pass up.  I was able to get a few rides in to see how well it worked between shock and fork to reach suspension Nirvana (or as close as possible). 

After watching a couple YouTube videos and reading a bit of the downloaded manual, I proceeded to install the unit on my shock , and fired up the pre-installed ShockWiz app loaded on my phone (I had done that a few weeks before in anticipation). I updated the firmware and went through the calibration to determine my compression ratio before airing up to what I thought my pressure should be.  Forgive me if I didn’t save the screenshots of that first post ride evaluation, but the recommendations were spot on as far as rebound and pressure.  The low speed compression reccomendation will require another look as my lowly RS Monarch may lack this adjustability without a tune.  Regardless after the suggested rebound and air pressure changes it felt quite better than before.  

On to the fork, a no frills RS Reba 120, which was my main source of ride harshness.  I had already stuck one Token in to try and soften it up and lowered the pressure. It was still harsh and I could easily bottom out on big hits. Yes, I know it’s no Pike but my RS1 @100mm (post 2 tokens) could eat them up without breaking a sweat. After a few hours of riding, I checked the Shockwiz app on my phone to see the results. It was recommending 2 more tokens, 2 clicks less, and lower air pressure and that’s what I did.  After the next 2-3 hour session, I felt the results of the adjustment difference within the first 3 miles.  Tune perfection achieved.  


Is it for anyone?  Are you suspension noob? Are you looking at those dials and recommended pressure settings and thinking, set them at the mid range on everything and I’ll be happy? Do you want to improve the suspension settings of your bike to enjoy the trails you ride?   If yes, I definitely recommend it.  

For those riders that know, or think they know how to set up their suspension properly, I would also recommend the Shockwiz, if only to verify what they thought was a great setup.  

Do I recommend you buy one?  Not unless you have a fleet of bikes or are a bike geek and want to share it with friends (karma pays dividends, right?

I recommend you rent a unit (or 2) for a day of riding and see the results.  You might be impressed as I was.  

The app is so good in its recommended settings that I was really impressed. 

Let me put this here.  The app assumes that you do not adjust the compression settings during the ride. For the fork,  leave it alone.  For the rear shock, leave it open.  Read the manual and additional questions can be answered from their Zendesk online

My week of using this product was amazing and I can’t wait to try it on all my bikes to see the results.

At $399 ($449 for RS1 model) I really wanted to try it out before I bought one.

Rock on Wheels has them to rent, and I wholly recommend you do that if you live in the Cheyenne area.  If not, check in with your local shop to see if they have 1 or 2 available for rent.  Get with your riding buddies and split the costs for an all day/weekend rate with them.

Did I buy one?