Pierre’s Hole 100 (km)

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

My lack of early season base miles due to my surgery really did me in on this one. No amount of shorter speedwork can prepare you for the suffering that is found in Grand Targhee resort at the Pierre’s Hole 100. Initially I had chosen to foolishly enter the 100 mile race. My thoughts were that I had done plenty of 100s in the past so why quit now. A week out I realized that those times were on healthier years. Fact was my longest race this year was a 70 mile race I did 2 weeks ago and it didn’t go as planned. So I downgraded my race to the 100KM, still hard but not as hard as the 100M. Most riders that race this race actually start big but usually end up in the 32M race eventually because even that race is hard enough but yet easy enough that they still enjoy themselves. Let’s say I enjoyed myself for ~45 miles of a 62 mile race, there was a ~20 mile stretch that I was just hanging on by a thread. Thank goodness nobody offered me a couch and a beer or I might never have finished. The one thing that I do when I race ~5 hours is to not utilize aid stations. I prefer to load up my 70oz Camelbak bladder with Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem and Heed. This method is best used when I have no direct support otherwise I would opt for a lighter pack and swap it out mid race. For those unfamiliar with the PH100 it starts on a steep climb up a dirt service road and continues onto singletrack for approximately 30 minutes before you even see a drop in elevation. And drop you do. The initial descent is filled with a few bermed switchbacks that set you up for the test to come. after a bit of descending, you do a small climb on 2 track that leads to “38 Special”. It helps to have good brakes and top notch descending skills to make the most of the ~50 switchbacks as you drop down the mountain. After the fun there is a short bit of up and down before hitting Aid 1 where you could get your chain oiled by JayP himself while you indulge in some Hammer Nutrition HEED, Endurolytes, and an assortment of fruit, chips, and soda. There is a pavement climb after this that lasts for awhile before you head back onto dirt. The fun singletrack continues again until you exit by the horse corrals and pass the self aid station. Then you ride up a dirt road that gets steep to the point of absolutely no fun before rejoining fun singletrack. There is a whole area of singletrack up and down, all I remember is the “North Woods” trail and how much I couldn’t wait to get off of it and back to the start/finish. The next time up the starting climb was VERY different. It lasted about 1 hour. 1 hour of climbing before the fun descending started again. This next time around I was dead tired, and backed off the pace significantly to recover. This “recovery” lasted for the next 10 miles before the power switched back on. I can only relate it to running out of juice and getting refilled with Hi-Octane. I came back alive firing with all cylinders for the last 5 miles. In the end the result wasn’t too bad, 13th in age group and 48th overall in the 100km race. Looking forward to next time and doing better when I’m at 100%



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