A season quickly ended

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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It’s crazy how fast some things can change especially medical issues. I’ve been suffering from chronic pain due to an injury I sustained 20 years ago. The last year and a half I’ve noticed reduced strength in my left arm along with an increase in neck and shoulder pain. A trip to the doctor and I was diagnosed with an acute muscle imbalance. 6 months of physical therapy later I felt a bit better but still felt something was wrong. This past year I raced some very long races on a rigid Fatbike. This action, along with several crashes (IKR, like that doesn’t happen MTBing) probably resulted in an accelerated degradation of what was going on in my body. A revisit to a doc that finally listened to me hastened the review of my problems and sent me to a neurosurgeon. On the first visit after a review of all my exams and images I was given one option, a fusing of my C4,5,6. Deep down inside I probably knew this was going to happen but chose to ignore it.
Here is what the MRI of my neck with it’s bulging discs and narrowed spinal column look like

I was told I’m one severe crash away from possible paralysis.
So, with that knowledge and the possibility of being able to ride with less pain (or, hopefully none at all) I opted to have my discs removed and 3 vertebrae fused together.
I’m optimistic and scared at the same time. Surgery is in 12 hours. See you all soon


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