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I’m 11 days post-op, I honestly feel good. There is a plate holding 3 vertebrae with material for bone to grow through in place of 2 disks. Pain has been near non existent and I started walking and riding a stationary bike 2 days after, as allowed by my neurosurgeon (NS). I’m wearing a brace for everything except showering. I can’t drive or go back to work yet and no lifting more than 8 pounds. That I hope will change after my 1st follow up with the NS in 12 more days. Till then it’s more of the same, indoor cycling, outdoor walking with my dogs, proper nutrition to aid in healing, and lots of rest.


It’s crazy how fast some things can change especially medical issues. I’ve been suffering from chronic pain due to an injury I sustained 20 years ago. The last year and a half I’ve noticed reduced strength in my left arm along with an increase in neck and shoulder pain. A trip to the doctor and I was diagnosed with an acute muscle imbalance. 6 months of physical therapy later I felt a bit better but still felt something was wrong. This past year I raced some very long races on a rigid Fatbike. This action, along with several crashes (IKR, like that doesn’t happen MTBing) probably resulted in an accelerated degradation of what was going on in my body. A revisit to a doc that finally listened to me hastened the review of my problems and sent me to a neurosurgeon. On the first visit after a review of all my exams and images I was given one option, a fusing of my C4,5,6. Deep down inside I probably knew this was going to happen but chose to ignore it.
Here is what the MRI of my neck with it’s bulging discs and narrowed spinal column look like

I was told I’m one severe crash away from possible paralysis.
So, with that knowledge and the possibility of being able to ride with less pain (or, hopefully none at all) I opted to have my discs removed and 3 vertebrae fused together.
I’m optimistic and scared at the same time. Surgery is in 12 hours. See you all soon

2015, after a year of riding fat tires and Singlespeed in some big races (24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, AZT300, Salida BFL, Laramie Enduro, Crested Butte Classic) to some fantastic results, I’m changing gears and going to be riding gears and full suspension on a Salsa Spearfish RS1. I still will hit the trails every now and then on my beloved Black Sheep custom Fatbike, but will primarily be on gears to see what the big deal is 😉.


And I’m proud to again be representing Hammer Nutrition as a Brand Ambassador. They produce the best all encompassing nutritional products available for endurance athletes and even without representing them I would still use and recommend them to anyone I coach or is looking for a solution to fueling issues in long races.

WyoracerX-Hammer On!