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Working a normal job means training when I can.  This means in the dark and cold during winter weekdays.  The dark and snow provide a welcome change to the trails I ride regularly. Add in another rider or two, and it just adds to the fun.


It’s been 4 months since we last met.  I was glad to see you go.
But like every year you find your way back to me.
I didn’t ask you to come back, in fact I was hoping not to see you again.
You have been slowly sneaking back into my life.  Showing me what I have been missing without you.
In my mind I have missed nothing.


Summer days spent riding in the open not worrying about being blown sideways or slowly grinding headlong into your invisible hand pushing me back. It was very enjoyable while you were gone.

But now you are back, here to haunt me til winter’s end and possibly half of springtime.
I was not looking to fight you, but you leave me with few options.
I will not run from you, though I may seek refuge in the trees, I do not fear you (well maybe just a little)

invisible wind
I know we will do many a battle over the next 6 months.  And eventually they will come to an end and you will leave me in peace like you always do, only to return again and again.