Posted: October 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Maybe I should just stick to Facebook.   Trying to keep up with this page is sometimes trying.  Especially when all you want to do is ride a bike after work, run the dogs and relax a bit before bed.

Vacation went well for this but was too short.  A month or two would have been better.   Crested Butte was cold at night but nice during the night day.  Unfortunately the CB Classic was canceled due to weather– a first.

So now it was a fly fishing and cycling trip as the trails the first few days were snowy and muddy.  IMG_6120370265066

in A Taylor Park we did a dirt road ride in with the dogs.IMG_5953024256765

After a couple of days on the Taylor river we headed to Crested Butte proper.

pulled into the Visitor Center parking, unloaded the bike and hit the first loop of what would have been this year’s CB 100



next year this loop will be fun with 70 other riders to ride with.

vacation ended, now it’s back to work


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