No Coco, injuries, new fat bike pt1

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, maybe I shouldn’t make long range race plans. Every time I do something goes awry.  I had my mind set on the Coconino 250.  The motivation was there,  the legs were there, gear complete,  bring it on.  Then I crashed hard.  Stupid mistake that landed me in the ER with stitches on my face and left hand.Image

This did the most damage because I had to take 3 weeks off the bike and due to the injury I lost a lot of grip strength.  I decided Coco was a no go.

Post recovery I had a new bike to pick up and a friend from Indiana coming out for his annual pilgrimage to the land of beer and cycling.  Vacation. 

First stop was hereImage

Then it off to Colorado Springs to visit Borealis Bikes and pick up the new Yampa carbon Fat Bike.  Adam, Steve, and all were a group of guys that really enjoy what they are doing, bringing a kickass, carbon fat bike to the market first. I got to ride a few demo models including Adam’s personal 21lb carbon rimmed tricked out beauty.  All this while I had a tire on the Airstream that was on the verge of total destruction replaced by the nearby Goodyear tire shop.


It was off to see Garden of the Gods and take the new bike on its maiden voyage. Image

Somewhere in the ultra short 4 mile ride I picked up a thorn that produced a slow leak that had me airing up each morning, tubeless was going to have to wait til after vacation 


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