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I figured I’m not getting any younger.  Work messed up my scheduled go at this years CTR so I fired the advance warning that next year I will be taking vacation during that timeframe.  So to get ready for it I have also committed to the Coconino 250 and the AZT300 as warm-ups to the main event.  $ in gear: invested.  Time in the saddle: minimal investment (can’t remember the last time I did back to back +10hour days).  Mental fortitude to endure the unknown over multiple days: Questionable.  I have scoured Al Gore’s creation over and over perusing trip and race reports.  Now it’s go time.  You can’t DNF if you don’t toe the line when the gun goes off.

Lazy weekend

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Lazy enough I created a blog to use for biking, dogs, and stories in general that I felt were better placed here than on failbook.